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Spain Inland Locations-Guide

Spain inland property for sale by location


Set on top of a high peak. At present turned into a peninsula, the city shows its walls to the lake with its name, fed by river Genil.

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Situated at the S/E of the province, at the foot-hill of the mountain range of its name and from the one of Nava, this village is famous for its Christmas specialities.

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Cradle of Narvàez, minister of Isabel II, known as “El espadòn de Loja”, it is divided by two by river Genil, between the mountain range of the same name and mount Hacho..

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Small location situated in the top of a ravine where the rive Guadalmedina flows, in an abrupt scenery of agaves y prickly pears.

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At the foot-hill of the sierra del Torcal and opposite the rock of the Enamorados, this prehistoric and noble city shows the tourist the wealth of its artistic inheritance.

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Alahurín el Grande

It was a very important roman village that some take as the historic Munda, which is a mistake, where Cèsar definitely defeated Pompeyo.
However the remains are before the Neolithic, Iberians, Greeks, romans and Visigoths ages.[...]

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Known as Illuro in old times, its name tales us to its origin en the Iberian ages. The Phoenicians built a castle that, enlarged by Romans, was destroyed by the Visigoths in V century. [...]

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Escua, Phoenician village, is the origin of the actual city. The Romans, who inhabit the village after the Carthaginians, called it Arcis Domina, “lady of the heights”. Those days, the village was on the top of the hill of Gracia and consisted of a fortress strongly walled.

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Village of Iberian origin, colonized later by the Phoenicians, the Romans made of it an important citadel. In year 61 a. C., Julio Cèsar, from whom the name comes, healed a liver disease in the baths of the Hedionda, sulphurous waters.

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Between orange and lemon trees, it is situated on top of a small elevation of the land, it is a villa founded by the Arabs, from whom it keeps the labyrinth drawing of its streets and its houses of 1 or 2 floors white in lime.

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Of entirely Arab origin, it was conquered by the Catholic Kings in 1487. During the Muslim ages it was an important producer centre of silk. Due to its privileged situation it is known these days as the Cornisa de la  Costa del Sol..

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Archaeological finds found in the neighbourhood of Naranjo prove the city was inhabited from three hundred thousand years. However, it will be by the end of the 2nd millennium a.C. when a stable settlement establishes in the hill of the Quemados, now the park Cruz Conde..

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The origin of this city is an Iberian village which with the name of Ilbyr occupied some five thousand years ago the Albayzìn neighbourhood. Two thousand five hundred years ago, the population had consolidated and traded with Greeks and Phoenicians who arrived here from close coast.

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From long ago and at least until XII century, Lucena has been a village clearly Jude, although in it lived the biggest differences between Judes, Arabs and Christians.

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Montefrìo was declared Conjunto Històrico Artìstico in 1982. Its origin is lost in beginning of the Prehistory, although the city does not come out until the Arab period, when it was seat of a small kingdom ruled by the king Ismael III.

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Puente Genil

The village was founded after the conquer of the territory by Fernando III in 1240. In 1257, Gonzalo Yàñez Dovinal obtained via donation of the king a small country house by the wooden bridge that crossed the river Genil.

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The proximity of Acinipo, old roman city, known as Ronda la Vieja, made think the historians that in it there was the origin of the current city. However, the precedent of Ronda is in the settlement by the Celts of a surveillance post towards V century a.C. in the platform where the city is now situated.

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The origin of this city is Islamic; this is the time the remains of the fortress named Rute Viejo are dated from. Frontier land, from 1466 is part of the county of Cabra.

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