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Spain Inland Locations-Guide

Information about Casabermeja

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( 3.034 inhabitants) Màlaga province

Small location situated in the top of a ravine where the rive Guadalmedina flows, in an abrupt scenery of agaves y prickly pears.

History and visit

Founded by Reyes Catòlicos, the remains of a tower called Zambra, on top of the hill, and those of a wall, by the river, prove of a previous Casabermeja, those are the unique signs and no more. The village climbs by the foot-hill of the mount adapting to the configuration of the land. The Iglesia Parroquial, is located in the middle of the slope, it has a tower of square basement, of 6 bodies, ending in a pyramidal  pinnacle. But the biggest attraction of this village is the  cementerio ( cemetery). Like in the old Egyptian culture, the inhabitants of this village seem to live exclusively for it.  Not too big, with small paths that go up and down following the wavy shape of the land, each of its tombs is a precious mausoleum built with artistic evocation and taken care as the lounge of the best house.

Festivities and traditions

20th of January, their patron’s day, San Sebastián, the neighbours go to the countryside to atar la cola del diablo ( to tie the devil’s tail), a ceremony that consists of, without pulling out, 2 bunches of wheat, calling out the nature’s forces to avoid being bad for the agriculture. Between 10th and 12th august they celebrate  feria, with an important flamenco singing festival.