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Costa Del Sol Locations-Guide

Information about Benalmadena

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(4.115 inhabitants) Málaga province



The name of Benalmàdena has an Arab origin and means “sons of the mines”. Here Ibn-al-Beithar was born, he was a learned muslin who got to be Saladin’s doctor and died in Damasco 1248. After the Christian conquer in 1485, the Catholic Kings established in it the capital for the defence of the coast, rebuilding the Muslim castle that had been destroyed. From mid 50’s, the tourism has modified entirely the economy and landscape of the city.


The Ajoblanco, the berza gitana, cooked dished with vegetables and cold meats, the manitas de cerdo (pork hands), the  conejo en salsa de almendras  ( rabbit in almond sauce) or the pescaito frito ( fried fish) are the main dished of local cooking, very international too.


In Semana Santa it is performed by the inhabitants of the city scenes of the Passion. The night of the 23rd to the 24th of June the Jùas are burnt, rag figures, in Arroyo de la Miel.
14th to the 18th august it is celebrated a Festival Flamenco taking part the most important figures of this kind of songs.

Urban life

In summertime- a season of mild weather that goes from spring to autumn- the number or inhabitants doubles. The ordinary life runs from beach along the day time, practising sports- football, golf, tennis, etc. - or maritime fishing and leisure trips from the sports port. A walk by the old town can be the start for the meal in any of the excellent restaurants.
Many visitors spend the afternoon in the Tivoli World and part of the evening in the numerous discos, night clubs and places for everyone in the city.

Visit and surroundings

In the town, small village that keeps the andalusian air of white houses and balconies and windows full of flowers, from where we can get beautiful sea views, it is situated the  Museo Arqueològico Municipal with a valuable collection in pre-Columbian art, as well as prehistoric pieces, mainly from the Neolithic found in the surroundings.

In Arroyo de la Miel, residential, commercial and leisure area, is the Entertainment Park Tivoli World, open from June to September, vast garden with mechanic attractions, restaurants, walks, daily international performances and with a capacity for 4.000 people.
Close to the port, in the beach, it is the Castillo de Bil Bil, a red and Arab style castle in which takes place music and dancing festivals during the summer.
Following the beach line, direction to Fuengirola and some 3 km from the port it is situated the touristy complex of Torrequebrada with its famous casino (Càdiz road, km 226, open from 20 h to 4 h in winter, and from 21 h to 5 h in summer).